Burgers & Fries 276

Burger 13 – Double Cheeseburger

Burgers & Fries is a small greasy diner in the country of east Texas.

It’s in a small town where most people wear camo

 A place with a chance of you eating next to someone you already know.

When a tattooed urban dweller walks in, everyone seems to notice.

There is just something about me that doesn’t quite fit into that FFA crowd, but that doesn’t matter to them.

They still treat you with that southern charm that makes you feel like you have been a part of the family the whole time.


Don’t let the name fool you. It’s more than just burgers.

They have been grubbing since 1989, so they know what they are doing.

They open at 6:00 am most days to help you start your day off right.

With their extensive menu, you can start by eating breakfast, a burger for lunch, chicken fried steak for dinner and finish with homemade pie.

If you’re looking for the homemade, stick to your ribs, southern grub this is definitely the place to come.

The food is cheap, but 100% comfort to the last bite. 

Items on the menu don’t include eclectic names, they are simply called exactly what you’re going to get.

Of course, they have sweet tea & of course, they know how to do it right.

Just like you would expect from an old country diner they serve their sweet tea in what seems like a half gallon, ten-year-old hard plastic cup.

The burgers are made fresh, in – house and finished with love.

The patties are shaped, but far from perfectly round. 

They’re cooked on an old, seasoned grill that adds that touch of flavor that you’ll never get from a newer restaurant.

Served in a true burger basket with a side of fries on paper than becomes translucent from the grease.

If you’re not careful, you’ll have grease running down your arms from the very first bite, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

This double bacon cheeseburger will hit the spot every time.

Great sweet tea, delicious burger, but lacking on the fries.

Overall I give it 6 pepper shakers.


Butcher Block

Burger #12 – The Ugly Duckling

The name caught my attention, but the salsa verde sealed the deal.

I thought the presentation was spot on.

The burger was served with 3 housemade sauces, ketchup, fries and their version of coleslaw.

I typically don’t do ketchup, so I didn’t even mess with that. The 3 sauces were good with the fries.

The coleslaw was a little strange at first, but really settled down the more that I ate. It most definitely had a kick on the backend.

The bun was nice and soft with a great toast on the inside.

The burger definitely delivered in the flavor department, but what truly put it over the top was the addition of the salsa verde.

It would have been good without it, but just not the same.

It could have used more caramelized walnuts just to add another layer of texture with more of a crunch.

The fries weren’t anything special. Not house made and a little undercooked, but I didn’t go there for the fries.

The sweet tea was decent.

The server was good and attentive. I got to sample their signature house meats and a rather large dessert spread including chocolate truffles.

They offer a wide variety of different food ethnicities on the menu to choose from, so you’re not just limited on “bar” type food.

Overall it did not disappoint.

  I give it 6 pepper shakers.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

So, this is burger #11 of the year, but my first official “review”.

I wasn’t originally planning on going here last night, but a lady slammed into me at a red light.

Car Wreck  Lazy Dog

It took over two hours to get everything worked out, so the original spot that I was heading to had already closed.

I turned to yelp and found Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

Menu was pretty cool looking. All leather cover. (I forgot to take a picture)

And there it was. It caught my eye, called my name and begged to be ordered.

The PB&J Burger. Havarti (my favorite cheese), PB, Jelly and candied bacon.

Lazy Dog PB J Burger

Yeah, that’s right, grape jelly, but the candied bacon put it over the top.

This is hands down the best burger I’ve had all year and quite possibly ever.

It will be hard to beat.

Overall I give it 8 pepper shakers

Year of Burgers

Yeah, so, it’s happening.

I am going to eat a lot of delicious burgers this year.

It’s not all about quantity as much as quality, but the plan is to eat a lot.

If you know a good place I should try hit me up on Facebook. (no big chains)

Each burger that I write a review on will get a pepper shaker rating.

These are completely my opinions, so if you don’t like them………….

I’ve made a few rules for myself on this journey.

  1. No big chains. I prefer to support the smaller, locally owned spots.
  2. Sweet Tea is important.
  3. Don’t change the composition of the burger. (except for raw onions)
  4. No curly fries.
  5. Drink Sweet Tea.
  6. No fast food.
  7. Ranch is not a condiment and doesn’t belong on burgers.
  8. If they make homemade BBQ sauce, dip your fries in it.
  9. Don’t be ashamed if you have food on your face or down your arms.
  10. Don’t turn down free food.
  11. Be leary about spots without Sweet Tea.
  12. Talk about Jesus.
  13. Try not to spit food while talking.
  14. Don’t worry about elbows on the table.