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Burger #12 – The Ugly Duckling

The name caught my attention, but the salsa verde sealed the deal.

I thought the presentation was spot on.

The burger was served with 3 housemade sauces, ketchup, fries and their version of coleslaw.

I typically don’t do ketchup, so I didn’t even mess with that. The 3 sauces were good with the fries.

The coleslaw was a little strange at first, but really settled down the more that I ate. It most definitely had a kick on the backend.

The bun was nice and soft with a great toast on the inside.

The burger definitely delivered in the flavor department, but what truly put it over the top was the addition of the salsa verde.

It would have been good without it, but just not the same.

It could have used more caramelized walnuts just to add another layer of texture with more of a crunch.

The fries weren’t anything special. Not house made and a little undercooked, but I didn’t go there for the fries.

The sweet tea was decent.

The server was good and attentive. I got to sample their signature house meats and a rather large dessert spread including chocolate truffles.

They offer a wide variety of different food ethnicities on the menu to choose from, so you’re not just limited on “bar” type food.

Overall it did not disappoint.

  I give it 6 pepper shakers.

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