Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

So, this is burger #11 of the year, but my first official “review”.

I wasn’t originally planning on going here last night, but a lady slammed into me at a red light.

Car Wreck  Lazy Dog

It took over two hours to get everything worked out, so the original spot that I was heading to had already closed.

I turned to yelp and found Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

Menu was pretty cool looking. All leather cover. (I forgot to take a picture)

And there it was. It caught my eye, called my name and begged to be ordered.

The PB&J Burger. Havarti (my favorite cheese), PB, Jelly and candied bacon.

Lazy Dog PB J Burger

Yeah, that’s right, grape jelly, but the candied bacon put it over the top.

This is hands down the best burger I’ve had all year and quite possibly ever.

It will be hard to beat.

Overall I give it 8 pepper shakers

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