Year of Burgers

Yeah, so, it’s happening.

I am going to eat a lot of delicious burgers this year.

It’s not all about quantity as much as quality, but the plan is to eat a lot.

If you know a good place I should try hit me up on Facebook. (no big chains)

Each burger that I write a review on will get a pepper shaker rating.

These are completely my opinions, so if you don’t like them………….

I’ve made a few rules for myself on this journey.

  1. No big chains. I prefer to support the smaller, locally owned spots.
  2. Sweet Tea is important.
  3. Don’t change the composition of the burger. (except for raw onions)
  4. No curly fries.
  5. Drink Sweet Tea.
  6. No fast food.
  7. Ranch is not a condiment and doesn’t belong on burgers.
  8. If they make homemade BBQ sauce, dip your fries in it.
  9. Don’t be ashamed if you have food on your face or down your arms.
  10. Don’t turn down free food.
  11. Be leary about spots without Sweet Tea.
  12. Talk about Jesus.
  13. Try not to spit food while talking.
  14. Don’t worry about elbows on the table.